The wrestler jumps from the top turnbuckle over the opponent (the opponent has to face the wrestler executing the move) and executes a waist-lock on him.

This move was used as a finisher for wrestlers such as Batista, The Undertaker, Kevin Nash, Chyna, JBL, among others. As the name suggests the wrestler would first use a tilt-a-whirl to raise the opponent into a belly-to-belly (piledriver) position, from here the wrestler would fall forward planting the opponent into the mat back-first. Examples of attacks from the standing wrestler include performing a European uppercut to the falling opponent,[4] or catching the opponent and then performing a sitout powerbomb. This was the original version of the finisher used by Dean Ambrose, known as Dirty Deeds. A one-handed, swinging leg hook, and a twisting version are also possible.

The wrestler jumps on the shoulders of the charging opponent and performs a back flip.

Triple H grabs the head of the hunched opponent between his legs and locks the opponent’s hands behind his back.

Also known as a stump piledriver, this is a variation of piledriver where, instead of wrapping their arms around the opponent's waist, a wrestler grabs onto the back of the waistband of an opponent's tights to lift them upside down before dropping into a sitting position. Although it can be used on a stationary opponent, it is usually performed against a charging opponent, using the opponent's own momentum to make the throw more powerful. Heath uses a jumping variation of the move. This move was innovated by Scott Steiner and is currently used by Cameron Grimes primarily as a counter to a charging opponent performing a running crossbody. The wrestler first drapes an opponent over their shoulders in a fireman's carry position. A rolling fireman's carry slam is a variation that sees the wrestler keep hold of the opponent and run forward before slamming the opponent to the ground, using the momentum to roll over the opponent.

It was innovated by Chris Kanyon. These moves often signify that the attacking wrestler is going for the pinfall and the opponent may now lose the match. This is also a move used often in Judo and in other grappling martial arts. This is a move in which a wrestler stands side-to-side and slightly behind with the opponent, facing in the same direction, and reaches behind the opponent's back to hook the opponent's head with the other hand extending the opponent's nearest arm, then while hooking the opponent's leg the wrestler falls backward, pulling the opponent to the mat back-first.

This variant can be used on other types of piledrivers, including the cradle tombstone piledriver variation: instead of wrapping both of their arms around the opponent's waist, the wrestler wraps one arm around the waist and places their other arm between the opponent's legs, grabbing hold of their other arm. Ben Davis and Titus Carell use the pumphandle slam as finishers, Davis uses a implant slam calling it The Plantation Punk Slam while Carell uses a spinning slam calling it Spinerella Slam. A slight variation of the reverse STO, this move sees a wrestler perform exactly the same set-up but instead of falling backward immediately, they lift the opponent before dropping them face-first into the mat, making it similar to a flapjack. The wrestler jumps from the turnbuckle behind the opponent.

Also known as the Foot Stunner.

The wrestler slaps the opponent’s chest using his backhand. Usually the opponent then adds effort to gain extra rotations in the air for effect or to ensure that they do not take the bump on their side.

With the wrestler's back to the opponent, he/she applies a three-quarter facelock and then pulls the opponent forward, flipping them over their shoulder, before turning to land in a neckbreaker. A fireman's carry involves the wrestler holding the opponent in place over both shoulders. A neckbreaker variation also exists where the wrestler lifts the opponent on their shoulders in a fireman's carry, then lifts their opponent over and grabs the head before slamming them down in a neckbreaker slam. In this move, the wrestler uses his legs to wrap them around the opponent (both the wrestler and the opponent are in prone position) to choke him into submission. Often used by a wrestler to stun an opponent and set him or her up for another move. The wrestler lifts the opponent as with a pumphandle slam, but falls to a sitting position and drops the opponent between their legs as with a michinoku driver II. They are sometimes also called "power" maneuvers, as they are meant to emphasize a wrestler's strength. [12], This technique is extremely dangerous, possibly one of the most dangerous maneuvers in professional wrestling, as the opponent's arms are restrained and their head is not placed between the wrestler's legs, giving them little to post against. Other famous practitioners include Dynamite Kid, Satoru Sayama, Don Muraco, and Kazuchika Okada. The move acquired its name due to its association with Irish wrestler, Danno O'Mahony. A gorilla press in which the user drops the opponent and turns them 90 degrees, dropping then onto their shoulder facing the opposite direction to the attacker, before being driven to the ground in a spinebuster maneuver. This bulldog sees the opponent clutching the wrestler in a wheelbarrow bodyscissors.

The wrestler then turns 180°C and hits the opponent on the face or the chest, with the sole of his boot. The wrestler then hooks the opponent's near leg with their own near leg and sweeps the leg away, simultaneously throwing themselves backwards, thus driving the opponent to the ground (with the weight of the wrestler on top of them) and wrenching the opponent's neck. The wrestler reaches under one of the opponent's arms with their corresponding arm and places the palm of their hand on the neck of the opponent, thereby forcing the arm of the opponent up into the air (the half nelson).

This move was used by Mojo Rawley. In this move, Brock Lesnar lifts the opponent onto his shoulders using his right arm.

Goldberg was a wrestler that the audience loved to watch. He follows it up by climbing onto of the rope and jumping chest-first onto his opponent.

Watch Teen Gays Wrestling - Faiq Rana on Dailymotion.

Though it is commonly referred to as a Hurricanrana, the original Spanish name for this maneuver is the Huracánrana.

[5] Examples of attacks from the airborne opponent include executing a dropkick on the standing opponent. These cookies do not store any personal information. The opponent is then lowered while being held so that the opponent's head is hanging between the standing wrestler's knees. An arm wringer or spinning wristlock is a move in which the wrestler grabs the opponent's wrist with both hands and twists it over the wrestler's head to spin the arm around, either with enough force to flip the opponent to the mat or just to hyperrotate the joints while standing. The move varies from the hurricanrana as when the opponent lands - he/she would land on their head as opposed to their back.[10]. From this position, various throws can be performed. Also known as a reverse powerbomb or a fallaway powerbomb. This move is similar to bear hug, the only difference being that in bear hug, the attacking wrestler is facing the opponent, whereas in this move, the attacking wrestler faces the back of the opponent. Despite its name, it actually comes from Mexican lucha libre, not Japanese puroresu. The attacking wrestler then spins the leg inwards causing the opponent to fall off balance and twist in the air bringing them to the ground in a turning motion. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In this move, the wrestler runs towards the opponent and strikes his knee against the opponent’s head or face. The act of performing a piledriver is called "piledriving."

As the name suggests, the wrestler jumps from the turnbuckle to kick his opponent with the back of his leg. The Death Valley driver was innovated by Louie Spicolli (although he credited Etsuko Mita as the DVD originator). At this point, the attacking wrestler shifts their weight so that they fall backwards to the mat while forcing the opponent to fall forwards with them, only to have the attacking wrestler push up with their legs, forcing the opponent to flip forward, over the wrestler's head and onto their back. This move is normally used to weaken the arm for a submission maneuver or to make it more difficult for the opponent to kick out of a possible pinfall attempt. A cross-legged and wrist-clutch version of this move also exists.

This can also be a lariat-legsweep combination to slam down the opponent. A rib breaker is a version of a gutbuster that involves the wrestler scooping the opponent up by reaching between the legs of the opponent with one arm and reaching around their back from the same side with their other arm. The move, made famous by Petey Williams is also referred to as the Canadian Destroyer, Destroyer, or a sunset flip piledriver, begins in a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler's midsection, the wrestler grabs around the opponent's midsection latching onto the opponent's back, with their head to one side of the opponent's hips or between their legs, keeping their legs around the opponent's head. He also has a cutthroat version (draping one of the opponent's arm across their neck, similarly to the setup of a Million Dollar Dream) called Psycho Driver III. Another variation, sometimes called a "flying mare", sees the wrestler pull the opponent by the hair over their shoulder before slamming them to the mat.[7]. To extract himself from this situation, and to counter-attack the opponent, the attacking wrestler jumps to kick the back of the opponent’s head. Cena then throws the opponent onto the ground in a sideways position and proceeds to do a pinfall. With the wrestler's back to the opponent, he/she applies a three-quarter facelock (also known as a cravate), and either kneeling down or bending over pulls the opponent forward, flipping them over their shoulder down to the mat, back first.

The wrestler then falls forward in an almost identical way, slamming the opponent face-first into the mat.

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