full #krakhistory clip down #flushingmeadows on ? Sean Malto – Fs crook to switch bs suski revers, nollie bs nosegrind heelflip out & fs nosegrind to nose manny flip out – Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’, How could we forget this one @evanschiefelbine killed it at Sants with this switch five-o big spin as seen in @blindskate BlindSkate "What if?". – Sheep Shoes ‘Life of Leisure’: line with nosegrind and smith revert by Brian Anderson krakmag.com/picnic ? – Transworld ‘Uno’: nollie frontside 5-0 by Marc Johnson; nollie noseslide & switch tailslide by Eric Koston – Girl ‘Mouse’: nollie crook by Eric Koston #skatekrak #krak #skateboarding #picnictable #toreypudwill, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 17 Mai 2016 à 23h20 PDT, Picnic table on fire again – this time by @_diegonajera from his @primitiveskate intro part – big up bro ?

Nyjah Huston emerged victorious at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., taking home the 2014 Street League Champion title and $200,000 in the process. – Bertrand Soubrier – Fs shuvit bs nosegrind – Chill ‘Filming Crazy’ full #krakhistory clip down #flushingmeadows on ? – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: nollie backside heelflip by Toan Nguyen – Montage LDT: switch backside lipslide by Jack Curtin #skatekrak #krak #skateboarding #picnictable #brianhoard, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 22 Mai 2016 à 21h23 PDT, We got the gif; here’s the footage – @toreypudwill with a crazy flip bodyvarial over a picnic table – from his @xgames Real Street 2016 part – full #krakhistory clip over a #picnic #table is live at ? @cmulhern #isleskateboards #weareisle – full #krakhistory clip down #flushingmeadows on ? – Zoo York ‘Mixtape 2’: noseslide nollie heelflip out by Brian Brown; fakie nosegrind revert by Danny Supa; switch backside crook by Zered Bassett – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’: nollie flip backside noseslide by Danny Garcia 2017 à 0h13 PST, Ninja over the picnic table – big up to @downsouthinhell for that level of creativity & style ? #krak #krakapp #skatekrak #krakbox #skateboarding, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 8 Août 2019 à 2 :29 PDT, Big up to @emangrizzle1 for this frontside heel in @santacruzskateboards 'Out There' Check our #krakhistory clip on ➡️krakmag.com/besos . check out previous ones on our Youtube channel ? Learn more, Knuckle Huck Highlights: Marcus Kleveland, Best of Snowboarding: X Games Norway 2020, Max Parrot wins Monster Energy Men's Snowboard Slopestyle, Brando's World of X Episode 26: Chris Ray, Brando's World of X Episode 25: Nyjah Huston.

Check our #krakhistoryclip here https://krakmag.com/besos . – Tilt Mode Army ‘Man Down’: nollie backside 5-0 180 out by Jerry Hsu Danny Montoya – Nollie fs crook – Viajeros Locos . #krak #skatekrak #skatelife #skateboard #skateboarding #skateboardinghistory #abd #nbd #barcelona #barcelonaskateboarding #besos #besosbumps #besoswaves #colorblindskateboards #geoffreyvanhove, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 10 Avril 2017 à 20h52 PDT, another day = another @chrispfanner clip ⚡? #krak #skatekrak #skateboarding #skatelife #krakmag #briananderson #barcelona, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 30 Sept. 2016 à 1h02 PDT, – Volcom ’14 Munted Daze’: surfing by Darrell Stanton; f/s 180 by Shane Azar; f/s 180 stalefish by Trent Fahey Chris Roberts – fs noseslide heelflip out – Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’ Marc Johnson – Fs blunt – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’ – Oakley ‘Our Life’: frontside bigspin by Andrew Pott 2019 à 4 :24 PDT, Twice in a row isn’t updates anymore, it’s love big up @nisseing for this hardflip down Besos Waves @gustavtonnesen – #krakhistory clip down #besoswaves on krakmag.com/besos ⚡️ #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #krakapp #skateboarding #skateboard #skateboardinghistory #abd, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 25 Juil. – Landscape ‘Portraits’: b/s 180 by Joel Curtis – Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: indy footplant by John Rattray

full #krakhistory clip at ? Here, SLS competitors (from left to right) Torey Pudwill, Felipe Gustavo, Ishod Wair and Billy Marks converse prior to the semifinals. After maintaining seventh through most of prelims, Cole fell short and was bumped out by Paul Rodriguez. Shout out to @carlosribeiro91 and @tiagolemoskt for this one, as seen in "Crupiê" @blackmediaskate Go check our #krakhistoryclip here krakmag.com/baxter-ledge . – Trailer ‘Streets: NY’: backside tailslide bigspin out by unknown . – DVS ‘Skate More’: hardflip by Torey Pudwill – eS ‘eSpecial’: inward heelflip 5-0 by Marquise Henry – Zoo York ‘EST 2’: noseslide bigspin by Zered Bassett; half cab noseslide 270 out & frontside tailslide flip out & frontside tailslide varial flip out by Danny Falla #skatekrak #krak #sk8mafia #dcshoes #weskremer #nbd #besoswaves #skatehistory, A post shared by Krak (@skate_krak) on Sep 9, 2017 at 4:26pm PDT, that’s what we call a clean/dope sw. bigspin – big up @_kevintierney ?

@elementbrand ⚡?

– Sus Monts: kickflip backside smith by Ben Stewart Street League royalty Eric Koston aims a t-shirt gun into the packed crowd at USC's Galen Center. Quote from: fulltechnicalskizzy on October 29, 2018, 05:10:30 PM, Quote from: Luddite on January 21, 2019, 08:41:51 AM, Quote from: Idk on January 21, 2019, 07:45:41 AM, Quote from: shit_for_brains on January 21, 2019, 06:40:37 AM, Quote from: TwisT on January 21, 2019, 06:32:51 AM, Quote from: mclovin1336 on January 21, 2019, 01:59:43 AM, Quote from: Rutger Hauer on January 21, 2019, 03:46:28 AM, Quote from: Dima on January 21, 2019, 01:25:11 AM, Quote from: Mother Goose. krakmag.com/flushing-meadows ?

Sean Pablo – Bs smith to bs tail – Oh Yes! #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #skateboarding #skatelife #skateboardinghistory #flushingmeadowspark #NYC #abd #nbd #luistolentino, A post shared by Krak (@skate_krak) on Jan 18, 2017 at 12:51am PST, The hard way by @acksajack – full #krakhistory clip down #flushingmeadows on ? – Almost ‘Round 3’: ollie north by Chris Haslam; flip indy by Ryan Sheckler Skate Mental's Trevor Colden takes a moment to shoot a selfie with a Street League fan at USC.

. skatekrak.com/baxter-ledge ? #krak #krakhistory #krakapp #krakmag #krakbox #monday #mondaymotivation, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 15 Avril 2019 à 12 :31 PDT, Big up to @ohbuh for this switch bigspin in his '30 days in heaven' part Check our #krakhistory clip on krakmag.com/besos #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #krakapp #skateboardinghistory, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 6 Avril 2019 à 1 :17 PDT, Big up to Nick Gibson for this nbd in his @chophouseskateboards part Check our #krakhistory clip on krakmag.com/besos #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #nbd, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 12 Mars 2019 à 2 :18 PDT, Big up to @waywardnephew who also did the double fs flip on besos waves in his 'Sterling Golden' part Check our #krakhistory clip on krakmag.com/besos #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #nbd, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 2 Mars 2019 à 5 :02 PST, Big up to @gustavtonnesen & @albertnewcomply for these nbd's in the @soursolution II Check our #krakhistory clip on krakmag.com/besos #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #nbd, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 26 Févr.

Re: Torey Pudwill on Nike « Reply #30 on: January 21, 2019, 09:01:17 AM » If it's true,it's just Nike investing in Thank You, gotta help fund shit graphics and Daewon's donuts #skatekrak #grizzlygang #skatelife #skatenerd #SkateCulture #skateboards #skateboarder #skateboarding #skateboardinghistory #skatevideo #picnictable #ABD #NBD #toreypudwill, A video posted by Krak (@skate_krak) on Apr 3, 2016 at 11:08pm PDT, Spotted in the #Recess video by @waylon_bone – enjoy the full #krakhistory clip about trick over the picnic table at ? – Ojo De Pez 10: kickflip backside tailslide by Diego Bucchieri +krakskate ? Huston borrowed a board from Shane O'Neill and posted the biggest score of the day -- a 9.2 -- for a bigspin kickflip on his fourth attempt, then got his own board fixed. – Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’: kickflip frontside 5-0 & kickflip frontside lipslide by Corey Duffel

. Cooper Wilt – Switch fs board & switch fs board shuvit – Almost ‘Round 3’ .

– Primitive Apparel ‘Back to School Remix’: switch frontside flip & switch frontside 360 by Nick Tucker; fakie no comply bigspin by Jorge Ramirez; nose wheelie nollie heelflip by Joey Brezinski #skatekrak #skatelife #skatenerd #SkateCulture #skateboards #skateboarder #skateboarding #skateboardinghistory #skatevideo #NYC #5boro #SilvesterEduardo #ABD, A video posted by Krak (@skate_krak) on Mar 29, 2016 at 11:50pm PDT. 2nd = thanks to @giovannireda & @vicesports for sharing such an important story ? – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: nollie heelflip & switch varial heel by Brandon Biebel; switch backside heel & switch hardflip by Eric Koston; nollie frontside heel by Mike Mo Capaldi – Digital ‘FYI’: switch 360 flip by Ryan Oughton . Palace & Reebok Unveil “P-Bok” Classics With Pump, Jenkem Steps Off the Beaten Path to Hang With Moose, Genius Examines the Cultural Impact of The Neptunes, UPDATE: Watch Run The Jewels Perform ‘RTJ4’ Live Adult Swim, Here’s a Look at Leo Fitzpatrick’s Public Access Gallery, Banksy Confirms “Hula” Piece on Nottingham Salon, Casper Brooker Gets Buck in Will Miles’s ’Lambrusco’, Black Thought’s Third Solo Album Dropped Today, UPDATE: Kareem Campbell Is Officially Back in Axion, Aaron Herrington Recounts His Steps in Becoming an Icon, Grand Collection’s Umbro Collab Is a Fall Essential, Marquise Henry Flips a Tight Beat for New DGK Part, Prime to Reissue Jason Lee “American Icons” Deck, Nike Delves Into the Dunk’s Heritage in ‘The Story of Dunk’, When’s This Dropping? #krak #krakapp #skatekrak #krakbox #skateboarding, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 8 Août 2019 à 3 :37 PDT, Big up to Willow for this fs 360 shuv in @flipskateboards 'Extremely Sorry' Check our #krakhistory clip on krakmag.com/sacramento-triple-set . Torey Pudwill – Back smith flip out – TWS ‘Hallelujah’ Matt Berger – Bs tail flip out – Etnies ‘Album’ Zack Doelling – Crook nollie inward – Blind ‘I AM Blind’ Ishod Wair – Switch crook flip out – Nike SB ‘Back on my BS’ Austyn Gillette – Switch fs noseslide flip out – for HUF Footwear – Foundation ‘Rolling Thunder’: frontside salad by Heath Kirchart; 180 nosegrind shove-it both sides & backside 180 nosegrind & backside 180 nosegrind revert by Steve Olson

– Paul Rodriguez proof: switch hardflip by Sammy Baptista #krak #skatekrak #kevinromar, Une publication partagée par Krak (@skate_krak) le 29 Avril 2016 à 1h16 PDT, We found that one in a @skateboarding video: backside flip by @pduffplanb so it was time to update our #krakhistory compilation of #ABD down the #sacramentotripleset; big up ?? check out the full #krakhistory clip at ?

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