Playing Jill requires the Jill to have matchup knowledge and timing the use of the Jill player’s cards accordingly to the matchup. The deck seemingly prioritizes in getting engine going with [Foresight] and [Exposed Evil Eye]. Because the cards are unusable this makes your cards "bricked," unable to play because there's no targets. You can comment on the page with Disqus or Facebook. This deck does get Art Points fairly quickly, allowing the pilot to trigger multiple Devil Triggers, preventing damage by the opponent. This is at the core of every card game: you want your deck to do something specific, and then pick the cards that synergize the best with what you want to do. MP Boost units, then play [X], [Gammoth], or [Diablos]. Reddit user bibachah creates an extremely powerful deck in Teppen, the collectible card game featuring a variety of Capcom characters, built around Albert Wesker. Then you have come to the right place. This is Tarakoman's version of Blazing Wall Rathalos. Best of Three (BO3) If communication is lost or you draw in a battle, it will not count and you will need to play again. What happens if you get disconnected in a ranked match? If the opponent can potentially remove your unit, you want to spread your resources to make multiple threats.

At first glance, it just looks like an updated version of Mono Black Spike Launch. This deck is one of the few decks that have been wreaking havoc this meta, many players praise this as a Tier 1 deck.

Here is the best version of the aggressive Rathalos deck in Teppen, and a short guide on how to play it. by Sergey_3847 Both red heroes in Teppen are very strong, but Rathalos has a really unique hero art called Wrath Awoken. Strength: Swarm early aggression, and win the game with direct damage mid-late game. Or you could be facing a deck that is extremely good against yours, or that fares poorly against yours. ! Plus, it goes even with Nergigante decks, another powerful and easy to use style of decks. Number of Registered Decks: Register 3 decks in advance. [Dark Usurper Urizen] is hands down the best card in this deck. [Maverick's Memories] is the reason why Exodia exists, because it guarantees for win conditions to run rampant, if not [X Hunters], another card in Purple could be used to win the game for Zero Exodia. With massive flight chip damage, this deck immediately brings pressure to the opponent.

Stick to decks with cards of a single color when you are just starting out. We’ve included deck codes and links to each of the creators so you can easily find them for more information on the deck. This guide is here to help you learn the basics of building a deck in TEPPEN, and help you climb through the ranks. When facing this deck, one can expect to not see any units being played, this would mean that target unit cards end up being unusable in this match up until late game. Chris D made a statement that resonated with me, the meta is either full control or highly aggressive. Strength: Buffing units to absurd amounts and protecting them with Ashura Senku. dyWWWtCv0yWWWVe6A2JLXyJwRwJnjHzLWWkSMWIrLP6ZLIZRSVXWN4PCRwWRRZKLW93ZuVXWj9ZE7WJu+SXW3Jf77WIuJVXWGPiO7WIGXEJZLJbiZSXWG9ii7WWVFZ9ZLYZCnSXWGP1lLYW, Deals 7 damage split among enemy units instead.

It's not unusual for T2 decks to sit at #1. Grants “: 10 seconds” and “Immune to damage: 10 seconds.”. If we fail to clear the board, we lose. This deck is all about big creatures, and who doesn’t like big creatures? Ideally you want to play 3 units to force out all removal your opponent may have. Strength: On demand unit clear using Hero Art. If you are looking for general tips and tricks, then check out our TEPPEN beginner’s guide instead, while our best heroes guide will give you an overview on the various heroes in the game and their arts.

However, the only character players have unlocked at the start of Teppen is Ryu from Street Fighter, so they will have to put in some legwork before they can add Wesker to their roster. Coming into this third month, I am excited for surprises awaiting.

Naturally, all of this isn’t enough to win, as you need to protect your Ibuki and Hsien-Ko from cards or abilities like Nergigante’s second hero art, Spike Launch. Arguably, this archetype and Hero Art are at a Tier 1 status having a handful of top players reach #1 near the end of Nergigante season with Blazing Wall. Mulligan for [False Throne], cycle for a [Rebirth] or [Reckless Brawl], Place the highest cost Unit from your graveyard on the field. Are you sick and tired of losing to brainless Ryu decks? This deck is very consistent and unstoppable when it gets going, however loses normally against aggro match ups, thus why the deck is not Tier 1. So, make sure you always have units to play in your hand.

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