Sir Gawain, the king Arthur's nephew and King Arthur's wife, Guinevere are sitting near the king. On the third day, the lord's wife goes further into the seduction by asking Sir Gawain to give her love tokens. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Eventually Arthur agrees to play the game, but as he is about to wield the great battle-axe, Gawain speaks. The lord reveals that he arranged his wife's advances upon Gawain, but having seen the result, he is convinced that Gawain is the finest man alive, his only failure stemming understandably from his love of life. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Green color and the holy branch in has stand for the connection with nature, while axe in his hand represents the power.

Before saying good bye Sir Gawain wants to know Green Knight's true identity and he comes clean about it by revealing the entire truth. The actual story begins afterwards, representing the true account the author has heard about "in town.". When the moment comes, the ceremonial preparations begin. He refuses to give or take any love tokens with her, until she mentions the green girdle with magic powers that protect the person who carries it from the death of any kind. After a great feast, his company learns that he is none other than Sir Gawain of Arthur's court, and they are delighted to have such an honored personage in their presence, the embodiment of good breeding and chivalry himself.

Britain is a land of great wonders and strife, but King Arthur has established a court of utmost nobility and chivalry, peopled with the bravest knights and fairest ladies. The second day, the lord brings home a wild boar, while Sir Gawain shares two kisses. The next day, Gawain anxiously leaves his new friends to go and face the Green Knight at the Green Chapel.

Aware of his impending meeting with the Green Knight, Gawain accepts the girdle, which the lady begs him to keep secret. The lord sends a servant with him to show him the way and the pair soon arrive at a forest, where the servant tries to dissuade Gawain from facing the Green Knight. This story begins at a lavish New Year's celebration in Camelot, King Arthur's court.

The fox is a symbol of cunningness, so in a way it represents deceit both from the lady who is a part of the entire hoax, as well as from Gawain who decides not to mention the green girdle he got beside three kisses.

But Gawain doesn’t want to be a coward. The lady continues to dote adoringly on Gawain, and the lord convinces Gawain to stay a third day, with the same contract of exchanging winnings. The terrain becomes strange, tall rocks obscure his view, but eventually he finds a grass-covered cave. An embarrassed Gawain, with the green girdle on his arm as a sign of his failure, returns to Camelot, where a hero’s welcome awaits. Although the Green Knights claims that he comes in peace ("You may be sure by this branch that I bear here that I pass in peace and seek no quarrel") his presence is intimidating and radiates with violence. (including. Another complicated process divides the body of the boar, and the triumphant hunting party returns to the castle.

Many stanzas are devoted to gruesome details of animal hunt and murder in which the lord seem to enjoy more than anyone else. Back in the castle, Sir Gawain is a kind of a celebrity, admired by everyone. With the servant accompanying him, Gawain leaves the castle and travels through a somber, snow-covered landscape.

The second day begins with the hunting party on the trail of an huge and vicious boar. The final day of the game dawns with a description of its brilliant, wintry beauty, and the hunting dogs fall on the trail of a cunning fox. The description of the lord of the castle resemble to the description of the Green Knight- they are both old but in a good shape, sturdy in figure and strong. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The deer represents innocence of Sir Gawain at the beginning of the "affair." He agrees to keep the girdle to remind himself of the "fault and frailty of the foolish flesh."

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