Don’t sweat it. It’s a more relaxed section and you can post 30 times a day without annoying anyone. They don’t want to be blatantly sold to, they are bombarded with ads all day long. But that’s not where the story ends. And, the same goes for the people following you! You image will be quickly washed away by new images using the same tag and less people will see it. While it takes some time and hard work, these tips are meant to compound one another. But how do you start an art account on Instagram? Get the Insta word out by including a link to your account on your other social media pages, and remind new fans to follow you periodically. Don’t worry — it’s not called “selling out” — it’s called adapting and it’s called good business. If you only have one link to link to, you don’t need to worry about these tricks or apps for sprucing up your bio. Remember: What you do with your Instagram Account is up to you! I only use my art account — it’s not a combined account — and I refrain from posting personal stuff on there aside from what aligns with my personal branding. Hence, the more followers you will get! Terms and Conditions may apply. to connect with you on Instagram as well. Be complimentary or pose questions, but always be insightful. Enough to get on people’s radars, but not so much you burn out. Eventually I just quit using my personal one. Once a day, every other day, once a week - it is up to you. There’s nothing worse than an Insta user clearly using you for their own gain. You won’t gain 70k followers overnight. You know that when done right, Instagram can become a huge asset to your art business. Decide if your Instagram …

Insights is really useful for deciding when and what to post based on what your followers are responding to. Make sure you have your own shop hosted somewhere else online, use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, physical shops in your city, pay for traditional advertising — diversify yourself! But don’t play the very un-genuine game of follow tag. What they like the most, what they ignore, what gets them to comment, what types of posts makes them buy — this is indispensable information. Instagram allows you to get your work seen by people outside of your day-to-day interactions, so that more people will come to know and love your art. That’s a hobby account. Keep asking and keep engaging. I originally separated my art from my personal profile because I was shy. Or, take a look at what other artists and influencers with the same audience are using, and try them for yourself.

They want to be told a story—who you are, what you’re feeling, your inspiration, the problems you solved, how the artwork came to be. Create a web for people to get lost in when they’re creeping your sites.

But the real resource here is learning what your audience likes from you. Bio: Keep it short, sweet, and attention-grabbing. Post on Stories as often as you’d like — the more, the merrier. You know that when done right, Instagram can become a huge asset to your art business. Otherwise, there’s no point wasting time on social media. Talk to them in DMs and comments and remember that there is a human being on the other side of the screen, not a number in your follow count. As you can see in grey text below, I’m listed as an artist. Think about the exact keywords your audience will search for. I want to start an Insta talk Channel, should I only do that or use my visual art more for a business? While #art is extremely popular (it’s tagged in over 350 million posts), it could also apply to anything: someone strolling through the Met, a box of pastels, a styled plate of food, or even a sunset—all extremely different results. I know this would have saved me some time. But when you only have a few hundred followers (let’s face it, mostly family and friends), it can feel like an eternity waiting for that coveted notification to pop up—the one announcing you got another follower.

If your only plan is to post a picture, sit and wait, it’s going to be a long road ahead. Start following them. Around 20% of your pictures should be of you. It’s free to use unless you want to pay to see the analytics or get other bonuses. In fact, the more people engage with your post, the higher it appears in your followers’ feeds. Otherwise, you should be paying attention to the information your audience is giving you. There is a tried-and-true recipe when it comes to Instagram success. Hiding retouch photos might have detrimental effects on the careers of many emerging artists. Carolyn founded A Cup of Cloudy to help illustrators begin their artist careers. Think about the posts you hit “like” on as you’re scrolling through Instagram.

Try to avoid tags that are overused or have a million related posts. Follow the 80-20 rule and you’ll be golden. Here’s how to gain followers the right way. Type a hashtag into Instagram’s search bar, and it shows you related hashtags to add to your list. What is your talent, what do you want to share with the world? You want your hashtags to be popular enough that people are searching for them, but not so popular that you get lost in the competition. You’ve heard time and time again that artists, If your only plan is to post a picture, sit and wait, it’s going to be a, That’s why it's important to always make sure you are going after your, While you’ve probably already connected with family and friends (learn how. Usually I go through the Most Recent section of tagged posts because in the Top Posts, your single little “like” can get lost — a post with 7k likes won’t notice one more. Before we get into how to grow a following there are two things you NEED to understand. It does not have to be an actual image of you. Things like, “Below is my art and messy emotions. Becoming a member of a community means engaging with others. Step two: slowly but consistently start liking and commenting on their latest posts. Even if they don’t click on it first thing, they’ll have an easy way to find your links when they’re ready. When they see someone was looking at their profile, they’ll think, “Who’s this?” and take a peek at your profile too. You can even Kik the person your fan-sign so that you don't flood your account with annoying fan-signs. People will not stick around if your images aren’t up to par. It could be something that relates to you - like your name, or a nickname, or it could be completely random, make sure you like it and can stick with it. Try not to leave it as a blank avatar. Ensure you have a high-quality image, add a caption and use some hashtags.

More people might see your post, but it’ll be the WRONG people.

What do you do? The point of being a business on Instagram is to be able to see your Insights: a set of analytic information that is tracked about your posts and audience. Instagram unflags you after a bit. No, they want to be enticed. Once a month or week would be a good goal, so that you’re slowly building up that channel. Which means a higher chance for even more people to engage with it and discover your account. The point is to build REAL relationships with people, and the right people. Follow some accounts that interest you, inspire you, follow your friends. But to harness these targeting powers, you have to use the right hashtags. When people search for Kim Kardashian, they want to find stuff about her — not pictures of your newest landscape painting.

Post With Purpose. The point of an art account is really free marketing and the ability to connect on a deeper level with your customers. Another thing to think about is that the name on your profile can be different than your handle (your @ name). I know it sounds like a lot, (that’s because it is) but if you’re aiming for how much to post, that’s your goal. You can turn on and off certain links but keep them on file (great for recurring sales). There are so many ways to use your account to be creative. And the people who engage with you consistently are more likely to see your posts in the future. They weren’t a good fit for you anyway. Hashtags wield fascinating powers.

Cookies help us deliver our services. Stories are temporary, easy to flip through like a separate feed, and if you really like it enough to keep it you can put it in a highlight reel with that little highlight button in the corner. You can also prompt people to comment on your posts by asking a question there. You’ve been warned.

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