Helpful Not helpful 10 Helpful Report as spam. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. There are a couple of things about DC that I would prefer different, but not many and not operationally important.

We like the fact that Double Commander has a feature where users can compare files via their content. Thank you for your sharing, it's very helpful, Hello, If you worked with either one of these, you'll be instantly familiar with Double Commander. Source code is available (true free software) 3. Please don't fill out this field. I agree to receive these communications from ?Employees, and View? It should be noted that the speed of any compression has much to do with the size of the files and the performance of your computer. What makes the Double Commander tool such a quality file manager, is the fact that it supports ZIP, LZMA, TAR, BZ2, TBZ, GZ, and TGZ.So yes, if …

b) Directory diff and sync. Now, there are two panels here, and that’s great because it allows the user to view contents from two separate partitions. Check out our post on Explorer alternative & replacement software. I discovered Double Commander, love at first sight! a POS (Point of Sale), Play Android games, manage files with NoxPlayer Android Emulator for Windows PC. Hands down starting to catch up on freecommander this is a very good commander for linux!

Powerful tcmd They don't understand that drag and drop is clunky when dealing with a full directory, particularly one that includes many other folders or executable files. If you want, it’s possible to alter the encoding format of each file, and go on ahead and look at all the things that make both files different. Translated with, One of probably the best file commander for Linux. One of the coolest things about this program is the ability to create new tabs. Double Commander is not a huge file; therefore, it shouldn’t take long for users to download and install it on their computer.

Synchronize files and directories. If you have a server lying around, it’s possible to use Double Commander to create a direct connection. ?with? With plugins you have a ftp tool as well. Its an awesome open-source alternative to windows file explorer. Explorer doesn't come even close to functionality offered by these file manager tools. Click on Favorites again, and choose Configuration of Favorite Tabs. Opens instantly. Multi tab. Download this PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically, Download PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically, Explorer alternative & replacement software, Song stuck in your head? That's the biggest drawback I can come up with? I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. This really need to be add as on vmware i doubt the keyboard shortcuts would be so easy friendly. You just doesn't have another free alternative to TC. Easy settings backup. The current 0.8.4 version should be called 0.9.8 IMO, because to me it looks like it covers 98% of TC already. Not interested in scrolling and clicking to locate the file you want? Managing files on Windows 10 is an easy affair, but there comes a time when a user might want something that is more advanced, which is why we’re going to talk about a tool known as Double Commander. In addition to almost everything that is usually expected from a traditional file manager, it has:- Now, for those wondering what this is, well, it’s the creation of a file that contains an important reference to another file or a directory. amr. However, if you want to move files from one partition to the next, well, that won’t be possible.

Support for symbolic links is mainly found in operating systems such as FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X. Once you’ve done that, you can then bookmark your tabs. But I miss the tree view. windows 7 . Once it’s up and running, users will come across the user interface, and we have to say, it’s not the best looking. Users can even create symbolic links.

Right-click on the ad, choose "Copy Link", then paste here → They simply assume there is always some white space in the destination folder on which to click a drag and drop.

I found this to be the best alternative for Total Commander. не хватает русского языка на сайте а так всё классно. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more.

The current 0.8.4 version should be called 0.9.8 IMO, because to me it looks like it covers 98% of TC already. Switched from Total Commander to FreeCommander to Double Commander. Supports most of TC plugins and really cross-platform: plays nice at my Ubuntu too. Total Commander-inspired file manager that features two side-by-side panels for navigation. But, it is also infinitely extensible. I am using this for years now across OSes, and I cannot live without it. But Dolphin is just not in the same league when it comes to dual-panel operations. I genuinely like Dolphin, a lot.

Switched from Total Commander to FreeCommander to Double Commander. There are easily-available plugins but, more interestingly, the ability to extend it yourself using the deceptively named "Edit Toolbar" feature. For anyone who regularly works with files and directories Double Commander is a dream tool. Among the nice things that clicked with me instantly was that you can navigate folders with Right and Left arrow keys (Lynx-style) right off the bat. I am old in informatics and for some reasons I need today to use Mac. I started in the '80s with Norton Commander and today I cannot live without something like that (I use Total Commander on Win). Key features of Double Commander: Unicode support; All operations working in background Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: © 2020 Slashdot Media. From Istanbul (Windows 10 - 64 bits - Updated). Great Job. I think it's the most essential part for a file explorer. At the top where you’ll see Favorites, simply click on it then select Save current tabs to a New Favorite Tabs. The issue you described is likely caused by Auto Refresh feature, try disabling it. Additionally, users can change the attributes and manipulate the timestamp properties of any file. Using TC on Windows at work I needed something for Linux at home, because TC under Wine is slow on my older hardware and it also gave some crashes I had never seen on Windows before. For the moment I'm testing the portable version:

The only problem is that neither the icons nor the text are displayed in the toolbar (the one above). Click URL instructions: Support paths longer than 259 chars (Windows). The search option can be found under the Commands tab, so click on it and enter your search query and move on from there. PS: I forgot to say that I really appreciate the speed and lightness of "DC" ! Sincerely with my thanks for your work. Updates not so recently: 1-2 times a year. I can right-click and in a microsecond it's done. Well, go on ahead and search for it.

Full text search in all the files and text editor F4 with syntax highlights are the cutting features makes this commander superior of its competitors. I can't live without this. We didn’t go deep into this feature, but from what we can tell, users can easily click on the Network option, then select FTP.

?Items,? What's more, if you are trying to achieve a certain function, through that feature or something else, there are many existing examples to use for guidance or an active user community that always seems to have at least a couple of people who readily understand what you want to do.


I suggest everyone help test the "qt" snapshot builr. I'm using it on macOS and it doesn't really compare to Total Commander in terms of usability and especially in terms of speed. There is a little problem what could cause headache: If you are using WinCDEmu also /instead of mounting the ".iso" by clicking on it, it opens the file/, to modify this function: Double commander is in potential a great alternative for windows explorer. If you worked with either one of these, you'll be instantly familiar with Double Commander.

My DC also has Create Link in Other Panel. ?Analytics? Has many great customization and configuration options. After that is over with, you can configure your tabs to your liking. Excellent fully-featured multi-platform file manager! Get notifications on updates for this project. I use Double Commander on Kubuntu which includes its own very, very nice file manager, Dolphin. For some reason, the UI sometimes freeze for some time when the app has not been opened for some time. Version: 0.9.3 beta / Revision: 8847M / Build date: 2019/05/18.

Great work, Unfortunately Norton internet security (sonar) blocks the app Doing this is extremely simple, just click on the option that says Tabs, and then select New Tab, and right away, you’ll see a brand new tab ready for use. Ergo the need for a right click "Copy to Other Panel" and "Move to Other Panel." In free open source software that counts for a lot. One example is copying or moving files from one panel to the other.

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