Historically, the Butler’s gartersnake occurred in prairie habitats but can now be found in fields, wetland edges and other grassy areas. The herpetology of Michigan, by Alexander B. Ruthven. Butler’s Gartersnake, however, is shorter in total length (38-51 cm), is much m… Occasionally a melanistic form of this species (with a black, unstriped back) occurs, though not as commonly as melanistic eastern gartersnakes. [1], The specific name butleri is in honor of the ornithologist Amos Butler (1860-1937) of Brookville, Indiana. The background color can range from olive-brown to black, and it may also be possible to discern two rows of dark spots between the side and back stripes.

Like most other small Canadian snakes, this species has been poorly studied. Size: 15 – 29” (adult total length) View an interactive map of the known ranges of Butler’s gartersnakes in Ontario. Holman, J. 1912. The Butler’s gartersnake is currently listed as Endangered under the Ontario Endangered Species Act, 2007 and Threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act. Like Kirtland's snake, they may also be found in grassy vacant lots in suburban and residential areas. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the global status of the Butler’s gartersnake as Least Concern.

Butler's garter snakes are a relatively short-lived species, and they reach sexual maturity in their second spring. Scientific Name: Thamnophis butleri Size: 15 – 29” (adult total length) Status: Species of Special Concern and Species of Greatest Conservation Need . Lansing, Mich., Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford, State Printers. The species can often be found under rocks, logs, trash, and boards.

Butler’s Gartersnake (Thamnophis butleri) is a small, non-aggressive gartersnake with three distinct longitudinal yellow stripes on its dark brown back. The species is endemic to North America. Butler's Gartersnake (Thamnophis butleri), a Special Concern species in Wisconsin, prefers almost any open or semi-open canopy wetland habitat and adjacent open or semi-open canopy upland habitat, including prairies, old fields and weedy vacant lots. Scientific Classification; Quick Information Occasionally a melanistic form of this species (with a black, unstriped back) occurs, …
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Head is same size as or barely wider than neck. They subsist on a diet of mainly earthworms, but they may also eat leeches, salamanders, and frogs.

Newborns range from 5 – 7.3” in length. The Butler’s gartersnake is the smallest of Ontario’s four members of the genus Thamnophis and grows to only 69 centimetres in total length, though typically it is less than 50 centimetres long.

It is frequently found under cover, such as boards or rocks. The northern ribbonsnake also has a distinct white crescent in front of the eye, is more slender than the garternakes and has a longer tail. Detroit, Mich., Wayne State University Press. As such, conserving the Butler’s gartersnake populations in Ontario is critically important to the continued survival of this species. The species’ status was last confirmed in 2007. Description: The Butler’s Garter Snake is another species with three stripes running down the body. The ground color is dark brown to black with a tendency towards the darker end of the spectrum.

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