They’re just so fun to watch. It was an honor and a blast!________________________________________________________________, IG: Channel: Music:, Don't like sleeping with earbuds, try SleepPhones! I’ve recently gone over some of the best female ASMR creators from the community in a previous article. Top 4 male ASMR creators that will give you tingles. 3 Levels of ASMR: Can They Spot the Fraud? ►DOWNLOAD ZEES – our ASMR App:, ►TWITCH/LIVESTREAMING:, ►TWITTER: (I use this the most), ►INSTAGRAM:, ►MERCH/SHOP:, ►GAMING/SECOND CHANNEL:, This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! /* ----------------------------------------- */ ♡You’re Our Canvas! 9:32 – Gibi Hand Movements One of my favorite things about him is that his voice isn’t too harsh on your ears like I find to be the case with most male ASMR creators. Check out the other collabs I was a part of on their channels!Goodnight Moon:, Big thanks to both of these creators! (….just come back to me pls omg) So I employed the help of two wonderfully talented ASMRtists, Goodnight Moon and Marno! /* ----------------------------------------- */ Like my posters in the background?

In need of some ting tangs? /* Modèle de contenu : Modèle pour Articles - démarrer */ I donate regularly to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. 16:23 – Marno Wood Block Anticipatory Trigger

Listen while your phone is off, 4:25 – Goodnight Moon Unintelligible Whispering } 20.2k Followers, 260 Following, 23 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chris Marno (@_chrismarno)

They’re metal and they stick to the wall with wall-safe magnets! 4] (31:12) Trending. Now if you’ve read anything on this site, you’ll know I prefer female ASMRtist as generally their voices are much more soothing to me and I feel far more comfortable listening to them. You’ll find a variety of content over on Freds channel, mostly roleplays with a mixture of different trigger videos, sort of like what ASMR Gibi does with her channel. (or like..pretend you do even if you don’t) /* Modèle de contenu : Modèle pour Articles - terminer */ Sit back, relax, and let us test some triggers on you , Timestamps: Another male ASMR creator with great character seems to find enjoyment in his own ASMR just like Marno, making him another great ASMR male creator from this community. Raffy has a super soothing voice and it always matches his content as his videos generally feel ‘sleepy’. You have TINGLE IMMUNITY Like Fred, who’s voice is awesome but it is awfully deep to the point where it’s quite intense on my ears, that’s why I favor a voice like Raffy’s when I watching ASMR for the purpose of sleep. ASMR Amy EARGASM very Intense Breathing Mouth Sounds... LIVE ASMR PPOMO Rem cleans your ears 렘의... ASMR Falling asleep with me in Bed (for... ASMR Ginger Foutley Gets You Ready For School... ASMR with my Body – sensitive Skin Sounds... ASMR Makeup and Medical Roleplay [ 24/7 Stream ], ASMR Layered Hand Movements, Mouth Sounds, Repeating Your Names, ASMR * Aggressive Fast Tapping & Scratching * No Talking * ASMRVilla, Faith over Fear | October Prayer Meeting #Prayer #worship #Encouragement. I think you can really tell he enjoys the content he creates, like his videos, are for both the viewer and for himself – which again just makes his content so much more enjoyable. So if you’re into well-structured content and are looking for some tingles which are mostly brought about by his wonderful low tone voice, then check out FredsVoice ASMR YouTube Channel. We've got your back! Check out of his awesome card magic videos below; Raffy is another male ASMR creator that I thing also follows a similar ASMR style to Gibi ASMR – where his videos feel well thought out and planned. 0:00 – Intro 324.1k Followers, 1,053 Following, 546 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Gibi (@gibiofficial) Give him some love:, /* ----------------------------------------- */

11:40 – Goodnight Moon Tracing & Whispering /* ----------------------------------------- */. 21:24 – Marno Stress Pulling Seemingly professional in a way, as he doesn’t let a wild and exciting personality get in the way of content as Marno or Frivi would. display: none!important; Gibi is by far one of my most favorite creators from the entire ASMR community – she never fails to get me into a relaxed mood when I need it the most. Below is one of RaffyTaphys greatest videos, perfect if you’re looking for sleep right now; I’m also watching this is I type, which may not be a great idea…. receive commission on any purchases made after using this link)_________________________________________________________________. Raffy is another male ASMR creator that I thing also follows a similar ASMR style to Gibi ASMR – where his videos feel well thought out and planned. Sometimes you need to switch up your ASMRtist of choice, and that’s ok!!

It just depends on what type of content you’re looking for. Although this inst a lengthy list like some of my articles on this site, I didn’t want to put creators I haven’t watched quite yet, because then I’d just be miss directing you guys which would be unfair of me. What people probably best know him for though is his card magic videos, its actually a really great idea to bring two things you love together – to share your appreciation for magic and perhaps expose your viewers to another type of entertainment. 19:30 – Goodnight Moon Hand Sounds I feel like Marno provides this a lot with his ASMR content, generally because his video ideas are unlike anyone else on the platform. ): ASMR No Nut November Challenge Are you... Two AMAZING D♥LIGHTS for your ASMR (full... ASMR Forbidden CENSORED Trigger 18+ ??? Perhaps I will come back and update this article when I’ve had more experience but for now, I’m going to end it here. Always truly a special experience to be able to do a live collab, and with such genuinely lovely people 3, OH NO! Gibi ASMR. (15:34) Pleasantly Unpredictable ASMR [No. 14:50 – Gibi Light Movements Unpredictable ASMR is especially nice for people who are looking for something a little different, those who may have watched too much ASMR in the past. 6:28 – Marno Fast & Slow Tapping This is probably due to the backgrounds he uses as well as the sounds he creates. Don’t worry! If you just go to the Marno ASMR YouTube channel, you’ll see what I mean by goofy. ASMR Superheroes to the RESCUE!!!!

2:27 – Gibi Jar Tapping And when you watch your first video, you’ll fall in love with his funny and wacky personality – he’ll no doubt become one of your favorite ASMR creators. That way, if you’re looking for something to watch right this second then you don’t need to go looking tonight – you can do that later. Even outside the ‘male’ category, I have placed them in for the purpose of this article. 2:27 – Gibi Jar Tapping 4:25 – Goodnight Moon Unintelligible Whispering 6:28 – Marno Fast & Slow Tapping 9:32 – Gibi Hand Movements 11:40 – Goodnight Moon Tracing & Whispering 14:50 – Gibi Light Movements 16:23 – Marno Wood Block Anticipatory Trigger 19:30 – Goodnight Moon Hand Sounds 21:24 – Marno Stress Pulling They give grants to scientists who do studies to better understand and treat mental illnesses. I’m partnered with Displate, so you can check out my favorite stuff and their site here (you can even match my background and upcoming backgrounds if you want! Jojo, just like Marno creates some unusual ASMR videos that don’t generally fit with other people’s content – as a lot of ASMR is more ‘serious’ or at least it’s based on relaxing and giving people tingles not entertainment. After talking about each creator, letting you know what you can expect from their content – I’ll link you a great video from them. 25:06 – Combined Trigger Finale, I’m now on Spotify! Today I want to cover their male counterparts as there are also so big male names in this space which are just as liked and appreciated as female creators. Her videos are always super well done, whether its just her rambling, tapping on objects in her room or putting on some form of roleplay. He’s one of the very few male ASMR creators that I actually watch religiously, perhaps that says something about his content – who knows. If you’re looking for a male ASMR creator, then these ASMRtists are definitely one you’re going to want to check out.

Though I think this content is great for those who are looking for it, there’s nothing wrong with being entertained due to an ASMR video, even to the point of laughing, as it can still really improve your mood. ... ASMR / АСМР Amazing Back Tracing, Scratching and... ASMR Gina Carla Lolipop Mouth Sounds With... [ASMR LIVE] Big Sis Makes You Sleepy 누나(언니)가... ASMR | Mic Nibbling | Intense Mouth Sounds... ASMR Stretch your pleasure till the end , ASMR | Tingle Immunity Treatment Test | Ft. Goodnight Moon & Marno ASMR. OOOOO-EEEEE I collabed with the wonderful incredible GOODNIGHT MOON and MARNO ASMR on *three* videos!!!! Seemingly professional in a way, as he doesn’t let a wild and exciting personality get in the way of content as Marno or Frivi would. Things are very varied in comparison to other ASMRtists but that’s a lot of the reason why Fred has many subscribers is that he caters his content towards many people’s tastes. { 6] [1 Hour] [With and Without Layers] [Mostly Fast] (116:24) ~Cozy~ Hugs & Kisses ASMR ️ (33:31) Pleasantly Unpredictable ASMR [No. On Goodnight Moon’s Channel : Although these are awesome ASMR creators because of this, as it gives them a personal unique style, I think Raffy’s ASMR style is also welcomed. Here is one of my favorite videos by Fred which I think you might like; For me Marno ASMR is probably the male version of Goodnight Moon, he just has that warm but goofy energy about him which makes his content so much more enjoyable. Anyways, he’s one of my favorite videos which he has created, certainly something unique…. 6] [1 Hour] [With and Without Layers] [Mostly Fast], Unpredictable ASMR with Gibi and Goodnight Moon. ASMR Painting You with Gibi & Marno! This way, I don’t really get overwhelmed by his content ever. So a lot of the recommendations that you will see here have come from other people but from my new-found knowledge thanks to my friends, they are recognized as some of the best ASMR creators on the platform. ASMR | Tingle Immunity Treatment Test | Ft. Goodnight Moon & Marno ASMR, ASMR Fast Haircut and Shave Sounds For Sleep and Relaxation, Pleasantly Unpredictable ASMR [No. I highly recommend it! Which is the underlining effect we are looking for with ASMR, beyond the tapping and ASMR roleplays. So my watch time with some of these male ASMR creators is very minuscule, but don’t worry, a few of my ASMR friends have helped me out with this one. I feel like his video has a really high-quality aspect to them, as if things have been throughout, so I think Gibi is a great comparison to him – as I’d imagine many of you know who she is. ♡TINGLETHON on Marno ASMR’s channel:, Please check the other videos out, and their channels as well :’) I had such a fun time recording them all!

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